Marketing Lanyards: Crafting the Ideal One for Business Promotion

In the fast-paced world of business promotion, every detail counts. From business cards to banners, every element of your promotional toolkit plays a vital role in shaping your brand image. Custom lanyards might seem like a small addition, but they’re an often underestimated tool for marketing. A nicely made special lanyard can make people remember you. In this post, we’ll talk about why personalised marketing lanyards matter and give you useful advice on creating the right one for your company. For high-quality promo lanyards, check out Merch Monkey. They combine quality and creativity to help you make a strong impression.

marketing lanyards

marketing lanyards

Why Should You Invest In Custom Marketing Lanyard Designs?

Custom lanyards, also known as personalized, branded, or marketing lanyards, play a vital role in promoting businesses. Here’s why investing in them is a smart move:

Brand Visibility: Custom lanyards can act as mobile billboards for your business. When your employees, event attendees, or customers wear lanyards customized with your logo or brand message, they become walking advertisements.

Professionalism: Sporting a company lanyard not only boosts your business image and conveys professionalism, but also signifies your brand’s dedication to details and commitment to excellence. In addition, it demonstrates that you appreciate quality and strive for excellence, which can leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

Identification and Access: Personalised lanyards offer practical solutions for events, conferences, and office settings. They play a crucial role in identification, access, security, and organization, enhancing overall efficiency and convenience. Additionally, they can be tailored to match your unique branding and style preferences.

Memorability: Well-designed lanyards are memorable. They can make your brand stand out in a sea of competition, helping people remember your business long after the event is over.

Versatility: Custom lanyards are highly versatile. They can be used in various settings, from corporate events to festivals and trade shows, making them an ideal choice for businesses in different industries.

Tips To Nail the Perfect Marketing Lanyards 

Now that you understand why personalised lanyards are essential for your business promotion let’s delve into how to design the perfect one. When crafting your personalised lanyards, consider the following factors:

Color: Choose colors that align with your brand. If your brand has specific colors, use them to ensure consistency. If not, opt for colors that resonate with your industry and the emotions you want to evoke. Bold and contrasting colors often grab attention.

Lanyard Type: Branded lanyards come in different types, like polyester, nylon, and woven lanyards. Think about the style you prefer. Polyester ones are budget-friendly, while nylon lanyards last longer and feel fancier. Woven lanyards offer a premium look and feel.

Logo Placement: The logo plays a pivotal role in your branded lanyard’s design. Make sure it stands out, preferably with a high-quality, easily identifiable, and clear high-resolution logo. You can choose to position the logo close to the lanyard’s clip or evenly distribute it along the entire length for a balanced look. This will give your lanyard a professional and appealing appearance.

Size: Custom lanyards are available in various widths, allowing you to select one that balances comfort and optimal visibility for your branding. Lanyards have various widths, starting from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. You can pick the width that suits your taste and what your crowd prefers. Select a size that works best for your purpose and connects with your audience’s taste. 

marketing lanyards


Where to Buy Perfect Custom Marketing Lanyards: Merch Monkey is the Destination!

When you need branded lanyards for your business, choose Merch Monkey for their customer reviews. They’re a genuine and creative choice, with lots of lanyard options to match what you want. Here’s why you should choose them:

Quality Assurance: Merch Monkey is known for their high-quality items. Their marketing lanyards are strong and made to last, even with daily use, so your brand stays visible for a long time. They offer different custom choices to match your needs perfectly for your promotions.

Creative Customization: They recognize the individuality of each business. Offering a diverse selection of colors, materials, and printing possibilities, they can assist you in crafting lanyards that flawlessly mirror your brand identity. Whether you prefer a touch of sophistication or striking vividness, they’ve got all your needs fully addressed. With their expertise, you’ll have the ideal personalised lanyards for your unique business.

Cost-Effective Solutions: You can achieve top-notch quality and unleash your creative potential without breaking the bank. Merch Monkey provides affordable options, enabling businesses of every scale to afford high-quality customized lanyards. With their budget-friendly solutions, you can elevate your branding efforts while staying within your financial constraints.

Quick Turnaround: In the realm of business, timing plays a pivotal role. Merch Monkey is renowned for their swift production, assuring your customized marketing lanyards are prepared precisely when required. Be it for an impending event or the launch of a fresh marketing endeavor, they’ve got you covered with their punctual service.

Sustainability: They’re dedicated to sustainability as well. If your brand highly prioritizes eco-friendliness, they can offer you various choices that align with your environmental goals. Their commitment to being environmentally responsible ensures they can support your green initiatives, providing eco-friendly solutions.


Personalised lanyards do more than just look nice – they’re excellent for promoting your brand. When you get top-notch neck straps with a unique design, you can make more people aware of your brand, show you’re serious, and give your customers and staff great memories. Merch Monkey is your top pick when it’s time to find the best-customized neck straps. They’re dedicated to being the best for your business’s promotional stuff, including custom lanyards, by providing quality, creativity, savings, speed, and eco-friendliness.

To explore the world of custom lanyard designs, visit Merch Monkey. Your brand deserves the best, and they are here to make it happen!

marketing lanyards

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