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Promotional Products for Employees

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  1. Use Promotional Products for Employees as a way to create a sense of teamwork in the office environment and at the same time benefit from brand exposure. As companies focus on creating a positive employee experience, welcoming new hires with a well-thought-out employee welcome pack has become common practice. These packs help employees feel valued and appreciated from day one and create a positive work environment. We will explore some company merchandise ideas for employees’ welcome packs that can make a lasting impression.

    Benefits of Promotional Products for Employees:

    In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are discovering the magic of promotional products for employees. These carefully chosen items in employee welcome packs offer remarkable benefits beyond tangible value.

    Let’s explore how these products transform the employee experience and drive organisational success:

    1. Boosting Employee Morale: Promotional products show that your company values its employees, leading to increased morale and a sense of appreciation.
    3. Building Team Spirit: Custom gifts for employees create a sense of belonging and foster team spirit, encouraging camaraderie and collaboration.
    5. Brand Awareness: Employees become brand ambassadors when they use or wear company-branded merchandise, promoting brand visibility inside and outside the workplace.
    7. Employee Engagement: Promotional products can spark conversations and interactions among employees, contributing to a more engaged and connected workforce.
    9. Retaining Talent: Thoughtful and custom gifts for employees demonstrate your commitment to employee satisfaction, which can contribute to higher employee retention rates.

Where to Find Best Promotional Products for Employees

Elevating your employee welcome packs with carefully chosen merchandise for employees is a powerful way to make your new team members feel valued, connected, and excited about their journey with your company. Incorporating branded t-shirts, reusable water bottles, customized pens, and practical accessories can create a memorable onboarding experience that reflects your company’s culture and fosters a sense of belonging.

Ready to level up your employee welcome packs? Discover a world of exciting merchandise options at Merch Monkey and view our online catalogue which has over 10,000 products to choose from. With our extensive range of high-quality, customizable products, you can find the perfect items to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on your employees. We supply various companies with welcome packs, Christmas Hampers and even personalized gifts for top performing persons. Read on as we list some of the top selling Promotional Products for Employees and how they can be customized to include your logo. 

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Promotional Products for Employees

10 Best Company Merchandise Ideas For Employees

With so many different products available on the market, it is hard to know which is most suitable for your employees. Some organisations are more suited to office items such as pens, notepads, mouse mats and this type of category. Other companies may prefer other items such as power banks or clothing or bottles. It is up to each company to decide what is best for their own staff. Now let’s explore the 10 Best Company Merchandise Ideas For Employees that can elevate your employee welcome packs:

Custom Logo T-shirts – The Fabric of Unity:

Include high-quality, custom logo t-shirts in your welcome packs. These stylish and comfortable garments create a sense of unity and belonging among your team members. Choose fabrics that feel like a gentle embrace and designs that reflect your company’s brand and values. With each wear, your employees will proudly represent your company wherever they go.

Water Bottles – Hydration Heroes:

Encourage sustainable practices and prioritize your employees’ well-being by providing reusable water bottles with your company’s logo. These eco-friendly companions will keep your team hydrated throughout the workday. Consider features like durable materials, leak-proof designs, and innovative options with built-in filters or infusers for a refreshing twist.

Pens – Powerhouses of Creativity:

Customize pens with your company’s name and logo, transforming them into powerful tools for creativity and productivity. Whether your employees are jotting down ideas, signing important documents, or sketching their dreams, these sleek and reliable writing instruments will accompany them on their professional journey. Opt for pens that glide effortlessly across the paper, reflecting the sophistication and professionalism of your brand.

Planner – The Compass of Success:

Equip your employees with branded planners, guiding them towards success and organization. These essential tools help individuals stay on top of their tasks and deadlines while fostering productivity and time management. Look for planners with intuitive layouts, ample space for goal setting and note-taking, and sturdy covers that can withstand the rigours of daily use. We have a variety of different types of planners that have weeks or days per page. The logo can be branded into different positions on the front and even sometimes on the back cover. 

Tumblers – Beverage Bliss:

Embrace the joy of sipping on beverages with branded insulated Tumblers. These stylish companions will keep drinks hot or cold, making them perfect for both office and on-the-go adventures. Seek out options with spill-proof lids, ergonomic handles, and eye-catching designs that add a touch of vibrancy to your employees’ daily routines. We have models made from various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and ceramic. This product is normally ordered in bulk due to setup costs and therefore may not be cost effective for smaller orders. Speak to our sales team today who will be able to guide you. 

Promotional Products for Employees

Custom Lanyards – Keys to Convenience:

Provide custom lanyards adorned with your company’s logo and colours. These practical accessories ensure that employee ID badges and keys are always within reach, combining functionality and style. Choose comfortable materials and sturdy attachments, and consider adding features like detachable buckles or retractable badge reels for ultimate convenience.

Business Card Holders – Professionalism Personified:

Showcase your company’s professionalism by including branded Business Card Holders in your welcome packs. These elegant accessories keep business cards organized and easily accessible during networking events and meetings. Seek sleek and compact designs that effortlessly fit into pockets or bags, and consider options with additional slots for credit cards or small notes, adding versatility to this essential accessory.

Wireless Charging Desk Organizers – Tech-Savvy Efficiency:

Offer desk organizers with wireless charging capabilities to create a clutter-free, tech-savvy workspace. These organizers keep the desk tidy and enable employees to charge their smartphones or other devices wirelessly. Look for organizers with dedicated compartments for pens, notepads, and other office essentials, ensuring compatibility with various devices and charging standards.

Sticky Notepads – Inspiring Creativity:

Ignite the spark of creativity with a Notepad or Sticky Notes to keep track of all those great ideas. This practical gift encourages employees to capture their ideas, notes, and reminders, promoting productivity and organization. Opt for memo block holders crafted from high-quality materials such as elegant wood or sleek acrylic. Consider adding a pen holder or extra compartments for storing small office supplies, transforming this item into a versatile desktop companion.

Document Folder – Organizational Marvel:

Help your employees keep important papers and documents neatly organized with branded Document Folders. These indispensable accessories are perfect for meetings, presentations, and business travel. Look for folders with multiple pockets and a secure closure mechanism, and consider adding a notepad or slots for holding business cards, making this item an invaluable organizational tool.

Merch Monkey: The Best Place for  Promotional Products for Employees

Make a mark with memorable and unique Promotional Products for employees with our items. View our catalogue and check out the eye-catching ideas that will ensure any gifts given to staff will be well received. By leveraging the festive spirit, you can engage your audience, increase brand visibility, and foster customer loyalty. We have promotional lanyards for sale along with other innovative promotional merchandise ideas. Remember to customize them to align with your corporate colours or scheme. Remember, Merch Monkey can be your trusted partner in finding the perfect promotional items to make your staff gifts or welcome packs a great success. 

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FAQs about Promotional Products for Employees

How soon can I get the employee merchandise delivered?

Our team promises a quick turnaround. As soon as your artwork gets approved, your employee merchandise order is delivered within two to three weeks. Sometimes, depending on the product, quantity and print method, delivery can be even sooner ranging from 7-10 days. 

Can customized gifts be used for special occasions or milestones?

Certainly! Customized gifts are perfect for celebrating special occasions or milestones within the company. Whether it’s a work anniversary, promotion, or team achievement, customized gifts add a personal touch and make the event even more memorable.

Can employee welcome packs be customized for different departments or roles?

Absolutely! Customizing welcome packs based on departments or roles adds a personal touch. It demonstrates that the company recognizes and values each team’s unique needs and preferences.

What are common Promotional Products for Employees?

Each company will have their own budgets and number of staff to consider before choosing which items are included in any giveaways. Popular items include water bottles, mobile power banks, USB sticks, clothing like hoodies or t-shirts and lanyards for key fobs. 

This page has information about Promotional Products for Employees and staff such as Welcome Packs or Christmas Gifts. We also offer a wide range of other items that can be fully customized to include logos, text and even QR codes. Note that these are just a handful of our top selling items and we can supply bespoke items on request. We have over 10,000 products available via our online catalogue and all of them can be fully customized to include logos and text or other information.

Visit our online catalogue by clicking here or the button below and view products by categories. Use our online designer tool to upload your logo and get a live preview on screen of what the item would look like. If you have a specific deadline in mind please inform us and we can then confirm if the date can be met. Contact our sales team via email or phone for any other queries you may have about our branded products and how they can work for your organisation by distributing the best Promotional Products for Employees. Final digital proofs are available once an order is processed and paid. Logos in vector format are required for best print results.

For more information call +35699990566 or email to speak with our sales and customer support team who will be happy to help with any queries you have. 

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