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Promotional Products for Conferences

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  1. Promotional Products for Conferences are a great way to increase visibility and exposure to potential new customers. They provide a valuable platform for businesses and professionals to network, learn, and showcase their products or services. One effective way to leave a lasting impression on conference attendees is by offering promotional products. If you’re searching for innovative promotional merchandise ideas to make your conference memorable, you’re in the right place. In this page, we will explore the advantages of using promotional products for conferences and highlight some popular and effective options.

    Advantages of Promotional Products for Conferences

    Using promotional products at conferences offers several advantages:

    • Brand Exposure: Promotional items spread awareness about your conference and brand when used by attendees, acting as mobile advertisements.
    • Memorability: Useful and appealing items provided to attendees create a lasting impression and serve as reminders of the conference experience, fostering positive associations with your brand.
    • Networking Opportunities: Promotional products serve as icebreakers, facilitating networking among attendees and initiating meaningful conversations.
    • Brand Loyalty: Giving away items fosters reciprocity and gratitude among attendees, leading to a positive attitude towards the conference and its organisers.
    • Extended Reach: Items have a lifespan beyond the conference, extending your brand’s reach as they are taken home, used in daily life, or shared with others.

Innovative Promotional Merchandise Ideas

Consider innovative promotional merchandise ideas that go beyond traditional items to truly make an impression. Many businesses are inclined to re-order merchandise that they feel has done well and lasted a good amount of time. But sometimes it can be beneficial to order new products to see if these can surpass expectations and provide an even bigger boost than current products. Below we list 3 categories of conference merchandise which are not only useful but also a great way to increase brand awareness. 

Here are a few Innovative Promotional Merchandise Ideas:

  • Customised power banks: Help attendees stay connected by providing portable power banks with your branded logo. This will allow to keep their devices charged and your product in their hand or bag for many hours of the day. 
  • Wireless charging pads: Offer convenience to attendees by providing wireless charging pads that can be used with compatible devices. This product can be used by guests when they return home or to their office for weeks or even months after the event takes place. 
  • Smart gadgets: Consider promotional items like smartwatches or speakers integrating technology with your brand message. These products can connect to current devices such as mobile phones or tablets and become part of a daily routine for any guests. 

By thinking outside the box and offering unique promotional merchandise, you can captivate attendees’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

Where to Find Promotional Items for Conferences

When sourcing promotional items for conferences, it’s crucial to partner with a reputable provider that offers a wide range of options and exceptional quality. One such company that stands out in the industry is Merch Monkey. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Merch Monkey offers a comprehensive selection of promotional products tailored for conferences. They can deliver the items directly to the conference stand, so that you do not need to travel with any bulky items. 

Merch Monkey specialises in creating custom merchandise that reflects your brand’s unique identity. We offer a seamless ordering process, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times. Whether you need customised lanyards, notebooks, tote bags, or any other promotional item, Merch Monkey can bring your vision to life. Speak to our sales team today about Promotional Products for Conferences and visit out online catalogue where you can upload your logo and get a live preview of how the printed products would look like when produced. 

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Below find a list of our most popular branded lanyards and the indicative prices. Our online catalogue has over 10,000 products to choose from so this is just a small taste of what we can offer.

Best Promotional Products for Conferences

Let’s explore 6 popular promotional products that are effective for distributing at conferences or trade fairs. The idea is to get your branded product into the hands of as many potential customers or suppliers as possible. Our simple yet effective suggestions below are all useful and likely to be used long after the event which is a key consideration in choosing merchandise. Here are 6 items to consider, and of course our catalogue has thousands more to choose from:

Promotional Lanyards: Wear Your Brand with Confidence

Promotional lanyards are versatile and highly effective in conference settings. They serve multiple purposes, from holding ID badges to attaching keys or small items. Branded lanyards provide practicality and act as continuous brand ambassadors throughout the event. Many conferences actually supply their own lanyards to all guests as it is such a powerful tool. Sometimes the lanyards are branded with the event name or a sponsor. We recommend having your own lanyards with your company branding on so that you can clearly show which organisation you represent. This will also be visible in any photos or videos taken at the show. Minimum order is just 50 units and our online designer tool allows customers to upload their logo and text and get a live preview on screen. We also supply plastic badge holders and also the name badges themselves in different sizes and styles. 

Branded Pens and Notebooks: Write Your Success Story

Pens and notebooks are classic promotional products that offer practicality and versatility. Attendees frequently use pens and notebooks during conferences, to take notes or contact details. This makes them ideal for brand exposure as they will be kept and referred to after the event. Ensure the pens are comfortable to write with and the notebooks have sufficient pages for note-taking. Your prominently displayed logo on these items will keep your brand in attendees’ minds. We supply various notebooks in recycled paper for those looking for an environmentally friendly option. 

Tote Bags and Backpacks: Carry Your Brand with Pride

Tote bags and backpacks are highly useful items that can be branded with your company logo. They provide ample space for attendees to store conference materials, brochures, and other giveaways. Additionally, these bags often find reuse in attendees’ daily lives, extending your brand exposure beyond the conference. Consider using eco-friendly materials for these products to align with sustainability values. We have a variety of different sizes and styles and also colour options. Add your logo to one or both sides of the bags for a real stand out effect. 

Tech Gadgets and Accessories: Embrace the Digital Age

In the digital age, tech gadgets and accessories are highly sought-after promotional items. Some popular items include USB drives, phone chargers, and earphones with your brand logo. These items can make a strong impact and be used regularly in day to day life. These products are practical and align with the modern preferences of conference attendees. Choose innovative and cutting-edge tech products that reflect your brand’s forward-thinking nature. Do not skimp on such items though, as with advances in technology they can soon be outdated and become obsolete. Our recommendation would be a USB drive with large storage, and mobile charges that are strong enough to be used for months rather than days. 

Drinkware and Water Bottles: Sip in Style

Branded drinkware and water bottles are popular promotional items that offer high visibility and practicality. Attendees can use them throughout the conference and beyond, showcasing your brand wherever they go. Opt for durable and eco-friendly materials to appeal to environmentally-conscious attendees. Consider adding unique features such as insulation or leak-proof design to make your drinkware stand out. We have different models that are made from recycled plastic, stainless steel and even ceramic. Add your logo in one position or choose a wrap around option which covers 360 degrees. 

Customised Apparel: Dress to Impress

Customised apparel, such as t-shirts or caps, can create a sense of unity among conference attendees. People wearing clothing featuring your brand sparks conversations and increases brand recognition. Ensure the apparel is comfortable, visually appealing, and well-made to maximise its impact. Consider using creative designs or incorporating unique elements that align with the conference theme or your brand’s values. If you are exhibiting on a stand at the conference then ensure that all staff members are well dressed with the same clothing. Add logos that are prominent but also discreet. 

Merch Monkey: The Best Place for Promotional Products for Conferences 

Promotional products provide an effective and memorable way to promote your brand at conferences. By leveraging the advantages they offer, such as enhanced brand visibility, increased recognition, improved engagement, and cost-effective marketing, you can elevate your conference experience. Remember to choose the right promotional products that align with your brand and provide value to attendees. And when it comes to sourcing these items, consider partnering with a trusted provider like Merch Monkey. Start incorporating promotional products into your conference strategy and witness their positive impact on your brand’s success.

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FAQs about Promotional Products for Conferences

Can I use multiple custom promotional merchandise at a conference?

Absolutely! In fact, using a variety of custom promotional merchandise can enhance the overall impact. Consider a combination of practical items, tech gadgets, and unique merchandise to cater to conference attendees’ different preferences and needs.

How can I ensure my promotional items align with my brand identity?

Carefully select promotional items that reflect your brand’s values, industry, and target audience. Ensure that the design, colors, and messaging align with your brand identity to create a cohesive and memorable experience.

Should I distribute promotional products before or during the conference?

Both approaches have their benefits. Distributing promotional products before the conference can generate excitement and anticipation. On the other hand, distributing them during the conference allows for direct interaction with attendees. It provides an opportunity to showcase your products or services.

This page has information about Promotional Products for Conferences and Trade Fairs for companies. We also offer a wide range of other items that can be fully customized to include logos, text and even QR codes. Note that these are just a handful of our top selling items and we can supply bespoke items on request. We have over 10,000 products available via our online catalogue and all of them can be fully customized to include logos and text or other information.

Visit our online catalogue by clicking here or the button below and view products by categories. Use our online designer tool to upload your logo and get a live preview on screen of what the item would look like. If you have a specific deadline in mind please inform us and we can then confirm if the date can be met. Contact our sales team via email or phone for any other queries you may have about our branded products and how they can work for your organisation and help increase exposure at conferences. Final digital proofs are available once an order is processed and paid. Logos in vector format are required for best print results.

For more information call +35699990566 or email to speak with our sales and customer support team who will be happy to help with any queries you have. 

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