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Branded Office Items in today’s competitive business landscape, making a lasting impression on clients, employees, and partners is crucial. While the digital realm has undoubtedly transformed the way we conduct business, there is still immense value in the physical workspace. Branded office items offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand identity, foster a sense of belonging among employees, and leave a lasting impression on visitors. In this page, we will explore the significance of branded office items and highlight some essential items that can elevate your workplace style.

In a world saturated with businesses vying for attention, effective branding has become paramount. Your brand is more than just a logo; it represents your company’s values, personality, and overall identity. Integrating branded office items into your workspace allows you to extend your brand’s reach beyond digital platforms. It creates a cohesive environment that reinforces your brand identity and fosters a sense of pride among employees.

Branded office items offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your workplace aesthetics. By incorporating your logo, color scheme, or tagline into various items, you can create a visually appealing and harmonious environment. From stylish desk accessories to custom artwork, the possibilities are endless. These items not only elevate the overall ambiance but also leave a positive impression on clients and visitors. Branded office items can serve as powerful tools for promoting team spirit and fostering employee engagement. When employees feel a strong connection to their workplace, they are more likely to be motivated and productive. By providing them with branded items such as personalized stationery, mugs, or apparel, you demonstrate that they are valued members of the team. This fosters a sense of belonging and cultivates a positive company culture.

Branded office items serve as tangible reminders of your brand. When clients or potential partners visit your office, encountering your logo on various items reinforces brand recall. Every time they use a branded pen, jot down a note on a branded notepad, or take a sip from a branded mug, they are reminded of your business. This increased visibility enhances memorability and may lead to repeat business or referrals. In today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial to utilize every opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression. Branded office items offer a unique way to showcase your brand identity, enhance workplace aesthetics, foster team spirit, and improve brand recall.

By incorporating essential items like customized stationery, branded drinkware, desk accessories, lanyards, and apparel, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing workspace that reflects your brand’s values and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors. Invest in branded office items and elevate your workplace style today!

Branded Merchandise at Amazing Prices!

Below find a list of our most popular branded merchandise items and the indicative prices. Our online catalogue has over 10,000 products to choose from so this is just a small taste of what we can offer.

Branded Office Items - Lanyards

Customized Lanyards are a staple product in offices across the world and used daily by millions of staff members. They are the material product that is worn around the neck and normally displays either an ID badge or some kind of entry device. Branded Lanyards are so popular because they are relatively cost effective and offer a perfect way to build brand awareness and also control entry to buildings or areas. Many large scale office buildings with multiple tenants use lanyards with key fobs to control access to certain levels or floors.

Organisations looking for Personalized lanyards normally print their logo onto the lanyard material. Other items such as mottos or mission statements can also be included as text together with QR codes or even icons. The sublimated print process allows for print in full colour on both sides of the material and this is our recommendation for all customers. It also allows for fine details to be printed such as shadows, gradients or complex logos. We also offer other material types such as woven lanyards, polyester and nylon – however for most customers the sublimated finish offers the best results and lowest prices. 

The options are endless in terms of the colours that the lanyards can be and also we have a wide range of accessories to be included such as clips, retractable reels, buckles and more. We look forward to assisting you with any branded lanyards you require and our online designer allows logos and text to be uploaded with a live preview on screen. Speak to our sales team today about how this product can work for your organisation and how branded office items will elevate your workplace.

Branded Pens and Biros

Even though our lives are increasingly spent in the digital world of emails, zoom meetings and internet browsers, there is still a huge demand for branded office pens. Whether it be to take notes of a meeting or to list a number of tasks that are to be prioritised the humble pen is certainly still an essential office item. Not only is it popular and useful on a daily basis, it is also very well priced in terms of branded office items. We have over 170 different styles to choose from so there is something for every taste. From the simplest plastic pen to more extravagant metal ones with engraved finish we can supply you with customized pens for your organisation.

Ballpoint pens are very well priced and universally used across offices, schools and homes too. We have over 150 of these types of pens and they can start from as little as just 20c per unit including printed logo. We also offer eco friendly pens made from bamboo, cork or recycled plastic. For office buildings keen to watch their environmental impact then these products are ideal as a way to get branded office items but without using virgin plastic materials.

With so many different styles and colours available we are sure to be able to suit requirements and match any corporate colour schemes. Finally we are proud to be able to supply custom printed PARKER pens, an ideal product or gift to give to staff, clients or suppliers. Our sales team are on hand to assist with any queries about branded office pens. Use the online designer tool to upload your logo and get a live preview on screen. Simply enter the quantity required and an indicative price will be shown on the site. 

Branded Office Items

The items on this page are just a small sample of the types of branded merchandise items that can be customized with your organisations logo. The options on our online catalogue are endless and include customized notepads, business card holders, diaries, USB drives, pen holders and many more. Our sales team are on hand to assist with any queries you might have about the individual products or the different types of print finishes. Elevate your business with our Branded Office items today and increase brand awareness or team spirit. Our online designer is available for all products and lets users upload logos and text and get a live preview of how the items will appear on screen. 

Branded Office Items Parker Pens

Branded Parker pens

The ultimate luxury pen

Branded Merchandise T-Shirts

Printed T-Shirts

Multiple colour options

Branded Merchandise USB sticks

Customized USB sticks

Multiple storage capacities

This page has information about Branded Office items and various other customized merchandise that we offer. Note that these are just a handful of our top selling items and we can supply bespoke items on request. We have over 10,000 products available via our online catalogue and all of them can be fully customized to include logos and text or other information. If you have a specific deadline in mind please inform us and we can then confirm if the date can be met. Contact our sales team via email or phone for any other queries you may have about our branded products for office us. Our online designer tool allows for an indication of what the product would look like when produced. Final digital proofs are available once an order is processed and paid. Logos in vector format are required for best print results.

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