Plain Lanyards

Plain Lanyards

At Merch Monkey we stock plain lanyards in various colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, white and black. These top quality, highly durable, polyester lanyards are available at very cost-friendly prices. All of our plain lanyards are made from polyester material and can be worn for months without showing signs of damage or wear. Our plain lanyards are supplied with a safety break which is placed behind the neck when the item is worn. This ensures that if the lanyard is caught in a door or lift that the lanyard will break off and not cause serious injury. Additionally they come with a standard metal clip at the end which can be used to attach to badge holders or other types of accessories. There are other items that can be added to a lanyard such as pull reel or badge holder which we also supply.

How much are Plain Lanyards?

Plain lanyards are the cheapest product and start at just 60c per unit for orders over 1,000 units. They are 1euro each for quantities up to 100 units and 80c each for 101-499 units. The more that is ordered - the cheaper the overall unit price. Simply choose from the colour below that you require and enter the quantity needed before moving to the cart stage. We offer low costs and factory-direct prices to businesses, schools, trade shows, government agencies, events, hospitals, churches, and individual users. Our high-quality lanyards are ideal for schools or for staff at venues that want to easily identify themselves. Merch Monkey supplies a wide range of colours that can be used on a daily basis and to suit any budget. There are a wide range of uses for plain lanyards and these can include easily displaying ID badges or attaching items such as keyfobs to gain entry to buildings. We also offer Lanyards made from recycled plastic material and most customers choose to customize the lanyard with their own logos and text. For any assistance with Plain or Personalised printed lanyards please contact our sales team today either via email or on the phone. We look forward to assisting you with your plain lanyard order and welcoming you to the Merch Monkey world. In most cases the items are in stock and can be sent for delivery in 2-3 days from when the order is placed.

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