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Best Products for Charities

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When thinking about the Best Products for Charities it is important to realise that most are working on a tight budget and they are looking to achieve the most impact for the least amount of money. At Merch Monkey we have been working with organisations for many years and are uniquely positioned to offer advice on the most ideal products. Charities play a vital role in positively impacting society and supporting various causes. To effectively raise funds and create awareness, charities can benefit greatly from using promotional products. In this page, we will explore the 10 best promotional merchandise ideas for charities to raise money, providing insights on their benefits and how to choose the right merchandise ideas.

Advantages of Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Charities

Using promotional merchandise ideas can provide numerous benefits for charities. Here are five key advantages:

    1. Increased Brand Visibility: Promotional products featuring the charity’s logo and message act as walking advertisements. When supporters wear these items, they become brand ambassadors, spreading awareness.
    3. Enhanced Fundraising Opportunities: Giving away custom promotional merchandise can be a profitable way for charities to raise funds. By offering merchandise that aligns with their cause, charities can attract donors who want to support the organization while receiving a tangible item in return.
    5. Stronger Emotional Connection: Custom promotional merchandise creates a sense of belonging and loyalty among supporters. It emotionally connects with the charity’s mission, encouraging long-term engagement and support.
    7. Community Engagement: Promotional products allow charities to engage with the local community. Whether through fundraising events, volunteer programs, or awareness campaigns, distributing merchandise helps strengthen relationships and build a network of supporters.
    9. Extended Reach and Exposure: Promotional products have the potential to reach a wider audience. When supporters use or share these items, they introduce the charity to new individuals who may have yet to become aware of its existence or cause.


How to Choose the Right Promotional Merchandise and Best Products for Charities

Choosing the right Promotional Merchandise Ideas is crucial for charities to maximize their fundraising efforts and create a lasting impact. Consider the following five tips:

  1. Relevance to the Cause: Select merchandise that aligns with the charity’s mission and cause. It should resonate with supporters and serve as a tangible representation of the charity’s work.
  3. Practicality and Usability: Choose items that supporters will find useful and incorporate into their daily lives. Practical merchandise ensures higher visibility and prolonged exposure.
  5. Quality and Durability: Opt for high-quality merchandise that reflects the charity’s commitment to excellence. Durable items ensure longevity and help maintain a positive perception of the charity.
  7. Budget-Friendly Options: Consider cost-effective merchandise options without compromising on quality. Look for suppliers that offer competitive pricing or consider bulk purchasing for better deals.
  9. Appeal to the Target Audience: Understand the preferences and interests of the target audience. Select merchandise that will resonate with them and encourage engagement and support.

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Best Products for Charities

When selecting promotional products, it’s essential to choose items that align with the charity’s mission and resonate with the target audience.

Here are the 10 best products Ideas for charities to raise money:


Custom Printed Silicone Wristbands are the go to product for charities looking to raise awareness or for fundraising. They are sometimes called charity wristbands as they are either sold or given away at events. Charities can add their logo and include it on the wristband together with any text or other details as required. The online designer tool allows customer to create a unique design and are shown a live preview on screen. The product is waterproof and can be removed and then worn again at a later stage. The product is available in a wide range of colours and also sizes which are suitable for either adults, teenagers or children. Click here to order customized wristbands today via our sister website


Poloshirts offer a versatile and stylish way to promote a charity. With the charity’s logo embroidered on the high-quality custom shirt, supporters can proudly display their affiliation while creating brand awareness in various settings.

Cap & Beanie

Caps and beanies are practical and trendy promotional items. They provide protection from the sun or cold weather while prominently displaying the charity’s logo, increasing visibility and recognition.


Umbrellas serve as useful and eye-catching promotional products. They offer protection from the rain and sun, making them a practical choice for supporters while providing ample space for the charity’s logo and message.


Diaries are functional and long-lasting promotional items. Supporters can use them to jot down important dates and reminders while being constantly reminded of the charity’s cause.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are practical and widely used office supplies. Branded sticky notes help keep the charity’s message at the forefront of supporters’ minds, as they are frequently used for reminders and note-taking.


Custom Hardcover Notebooks are versatile and popular promotional products. Whether used for work, school, or personal purposes, notebooks provide ample space for the charity’s branding and messaging.

Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders are sleek and professional promotional items. By featuring the charity’s logo and contact information, supporters can carry these holders and share the charity’s details with potential donors and supporters.

Pen Holders

Pen Holders are practical desk accessories. By incorporating the charity’s branding, these holders serve as constant reminders of the charity’s mission. They can be placed in offices or homes for increased visibility.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are practical and safety-focused promotional items. With the charity’s logo displayed, these kits can be used during emergencies, leaving a lasting impression on supporters.

Masks & Shields

Masks & Shields have become essential items in today’s world. Branded masks and shields allow supporters to protect themselves while showing their support for the charity.

Merch Monkey: The Best Place to source the Best Products for Charities

Promotional products are valuable assets for charities to raise funds while increasing awareness and engagement. By selecting the right merchandise ideas, charities can effectively promote their cause, build brand recognition, and foster meaningful connections with supporters. The 10 Promotional Merchandise Ideas listed in this article provide excellent options for charities to maximize their fundraising efforts.

Click here to explore a wide range of promotional products that can help your charity raise funds and create awareness, visit Merch Monkey. Our diverse selection and customizable options will cater to your needs and contribute to your charity’s success. From affordability to appeal, you will every aspect of our merchandise excellent!

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FAQs about Best Products for Charities

Are there budget-friendly options for promotional merchandise?

Yes, budget-friendly options for promotional merchandise are available. You can select items like promotional Lanyards, wristbands, stickers, or even eco-friendly accessories that can be produced in larger quantities at lower costs.

How can charities ensure the quality of their promotional products?

Working with reputable suppliers like us who specialize in producing high-quality merchandise is important. Request samples and check reviews on Trustpilot – where Merch Monkey has a 5* score – or testimonials to ensure the products meet your expectations.

How can charities distribute promotional products effectively?

Distribute the merchandise strategically at fundraising events, community gatherings, or through online platforms. Consider offering them as incentives for donations or volunteer participation to maximize their impact.

This page has information about Best Products for Charities. We also offer a wide range of other items that can be fully customized to include logos, text and even QR codes. Note that these are just a handful of our top selling items and we can supply bespoke items on request. We have over 10,000 products available via our online catalogue and all of them can be fully customized to include logos and text or other information. Visit our online catalogue by clicking here or the button below and view products by categories. Use our online designer tool to upload your logo and get a live preview on screen of what the item would look like. If you have a specific deadline in mind please inform us and we can then confirm if the date can be met. Contact our sales team via email or phone for any other queries you may have about our branded products and how they can work for your charity or organisation and how it can increase fundraising totals and awareness campaigns. Final digital proofs are available once an order is processed and paid. Logos in vector format are required for best print results.
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