Branded Corporate Gifts

Branded Corporate Gifts’ Role in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an integral part of corporate culture globally. Known to foster a sense of belongingness in the workforce, many organizations report encouraging results by adopting employee engagement techniques like branded corporate gifts. The more engaged your employees are, the higher the enthusiasm and satisfaction levels and, possibly, a higher performance level for workers. 

Unfortunately, though, even if companies today are proactively involved in employee engagement, research by Gallup in 2022 summarized that employee engagement levels are, in fact, falling. It was a 34% in 2022 against a 39% in 2021. It is a strategic business decision and can help companies retain their good employees, drive higher performance, and enhance the quality of work. Overall, these strategic decisions help drive higher organizational success.

Branded Corporate Gifts

Driving Employee Engagement With Branded Corporate Gifts

There are many ways of driving employee engagement. Training employees, listening to their voices via employee surveys, and rewarding employees through gifts and bonuses are some of the top strategies that help companies get their employees engaged. 

Branded corporate Gifts have a significant role to play when organizations decide to reward their employees and drive engagement. If you are considering employee gifting options, visit Merch Monkey, one of the leading one-stop platforms for all forms of personalised merchandise and gifts. 

How Does Promotional Personalised Merchandise Help Drive Employee Engagement?


  1. Token of Appreciation: Personalised Merchandise or tangible items are one of the most effective ways of saying, ‘Thank You.’ That’s the reason these items are so popular as gifts, too. In the organizational scenario, too, you can use tangible items like gadgets, kitchen utensils, etc., to recognize workers that have done extremely well on the work front. By ensuring that you pick items that have utility and usefulness in their daily lives. 
  2. Branded Items for Instilling Pride: Employees today are aware of their feelings and rights. They want to feel like they are a part of the company that they work for. When they are rewarded with custom-printed merchandise like T-shirts, diaries, cups, office items, etc., a sense of belongingness is instilled in them that strengthens their connections with the company.
  3. Motivating Employees: High-value promotional custom-printed merchandise is effective in motivating employees. You can personalise these gifts and present them to the winners in the team. For example, to salespeople or to the marketing team that have been successful in their campaigns. Such top-quality items can also create a positive and competitive spirit in the environment, propelling employees to do their best and go the extra mile to meet their targets and go beyond. 
  4. Branding Opportunity: When your employees use branded tees or travel bags, etc., that they received as rewards for employee engagement, it helps promote your organization. They kind of work as brand ambassadors, especially outside the office. With printed or embossed logos, brand messages, USPs, visions, and missions, promotional merchandise helps amplify the brand’s visibility.

Branded Corporate Gifts

What are the Different Types of Branded Corporate Gifts for Employee Engagement?

Merch Monkey, a specialised online store for custom promo items, is the best place to customise, and order an array of items. Our collection ranges from office items to wellness and healthcare items, and we have choices for all types of individuals.

Our choices include:

  1. Eko & Bio Products Choose from moleskin book covers to tote bags, insulated tumblers, ballpoint pens, and more. Customize them with your company logo and hand them out as beautiful employee engagement products at the workplace.
  2. Technology & Mobile – Choose from power banks, USBs, watches, clocks, accessories, and even drones at our site. All of these can be branded and customized as premium employee engagement promotional merchandise.
  3. Textile and Fashion – The choices include tees, shirts, jackets, sweaters, cap, and fashion accessories. 
  4. Traveling And Bags – Another popular category for promotional merchandise is this. Suitcases, luggage, wallets, purses, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and travel accessories make wonderful travel companions. Logos and companies name on such travel bags act as extremely effective branding tools.
  5. Drinkware – Items like tumblers, mugs, cups, thermo flasks, decanters, flasks, coffee and tea sets, sports bottles, pitchers, glasses, etc. are another bunch of impressive and premium merchandise for your employees. 
  6. Leisure, Games & Sport – Beach accessories, sunglasses, picnic accessories, and sports electronics are featured under this category on our site for promotional merchandise. You can customize your order with company logos that we print on the items. For order quantity and sizes, please speak with our customer representatives.
  7. Writing instruments – Pens, pen sets, and pen cases are another excellent promo items for rewarding employees. These are not very costly. They can be ordered in bulk and given to employees who exceed expectations, even on an impromptu basis.

Explore Branded Corporate Gifts at Merch Monkey!

If driving employee engagement has been a top priority for your organization, you must consider ordering branded corporate gifts and promo items from Merch Monkey, one of the leading companies in the spectrum of promotional merchandise. Considering that promotional merchandise is not just another giveaway but an effective tool for employee engagement. This helps you foster a positive organizational culture and success. Our reviews on Trustpilot reinforce the faith of hundreds of our customers who trust us to provide them with the right choices of merchandise when it comes to rewarding their employees.

Branded Corporate Gifts

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