Best Branded Merchandise Under 2 Euro

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for brand visibility and customer engagement in today’s competitive business landscape. One popular method is using promotional products, also known as promotional merchandise. These items create brand awareness and serve as tangible reminders for potential customers. Branded merchandise, when thoughtfully selected, can leave a lasting impression. This article explores the benefits of custom promotional merchandise and presents a list of the ten most innovative promotional merchandise ideas under 2 euros. So, let’s dive in and discover how these cost-effective promotional items can help your brand shine.

Why Choose Affordable Custom Promotional Merchandise?
Custom promotional merchandise under 2 euro offers a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes.
Here are some key advantages of Branded Promotional Merchandise:

1. Cost-Effective Marketing: Promotional products offer affordable and long-term exposure.
2. Increased Brand Exposure: Branded Promotional items turns recipients into walking advertisements, exposing your logo to a wider audience.
3. Enhanced Brand Recognition: Incorporating your logo into promotional products reinforces brand recognition.
4. Improved Customer Loyalty: Distributing promotional products to existing customers fosters loyalty and shows appreciation.
5. Versatile Marketing Tools: With a wide range of options, promotional products cater to diverse target audiences.
10 Innovative Promotional Merchandise Ideas Under 2 Euro

When it comes to selecting promotional products, it’s important to find items that are both cost-effective and appealing to your target audience. Here are the 10 Best Branded merchandise under 2 euros:

Branded Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are versatile and practical items that offer high visibility for your brand. They can be customized with your logo and are perfect for events, conferences, and trade shows. Promotional lanyards are available for sale and provide an affordable way to promote your brand effectively.

Drawstring Backpack

A drawstring backpack is a popular choice for promotional merchandise. These bags offer a convenient way for recipients to carry their belongings while showcasing your brand. Customization options allow you to create a custom drawstring backpack that aligns with your brand identity.

Flexible Sports Waist Bag

A flexible sports waist bag is a fantastic promotional item for active individuals. It provides a hands-free solution for carrying essentials during workouts, outdoor adventures, and travel. A branded sports waist bag will keep your brand visible in various settings.

Charging Cable

In today’s digital age, a charging cable is a practical and much-appreciated gift. Branded charging cables are compatible with various devices, making them a useful promotional item that keeps your brand in sight whenever recipients charge their devices.

Foldable Shopping Tote Bag

As an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, a foldable shopping tote bag is a fantastic choice for promotional merchandise. Branded tote bags promote sustainability while increasing your brand’s visibility. They can be folded and conveniently carried, making them a versatile and practical choice.

Champagne Stopper

A branded champagne stopper makes an excellent promotional item for special celebratory moments. Practical and stylish, it keeps the fizz in the bottle while showcasing your brand at festive gatherings. A branded champagne stopper is a unique and memorable promotional merchandise idea.


Sunglasses are trendy and functional promotional items, especially during the summer months. Branded sunglasses protect from the sun’s rays while serving as stylish accessories that reinforce your brand’s identity. Sunglasses are a popular choice that recipients can use and wear, giving your brand continuous exposure.

Ballpoint Pen

A classic promotional item, a branded ballpoint pen is an essential tool everyone needs. By distributing pens with your logo, you ensure your brand stays top of mind whenever someone needs to jot down a note or sign a document. A branded ballpoint pen is a cost-effective and practical promotional merchandise idea.

Face Mask

In the current global climate, face masks have become a daily necessity. Branded face masks promote safety and serve as walking billboards for your brand. They offer a unique opportunity for visibility and brand recognition, particularly in crowded public spaces.

Playing Cards Set in Case

Playing cards are timeless and enjoyable for people of all ages. A branded playing card set in a compact case makes an excellent gift. It provides entertainment while subtly promoting your brand. Playing cards are versatile promotional merchandise that can be used in various settings.

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Where to Find Branded Merchandise Under 2 Euro

Merch Monkey is a top choice when searching for affordable and high-quality branded merchandise. They offer an extensive range of promotional products at budget-friendly prices.

Why Choose Merch Monkey:

  • Wide Selection: Diverse promotional products to match your brand and target audience.

  • Customization Options: Personalize items with your logo, colors, and messaging.

  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive prices without compromising quality.

    Fast Turnaround: Quick delivery of your branded merchandise.

  • Exceptional Service: Dedicated team for a smooth ordering experience.

To explore their range of affordable branded merchandise and innovative promotional merchandise ideas, visit Merch Monkey and take your brand visibility to the next level.


Incorporating branded merchandise into your marketing strategy can significantly benefit your business. The ten options listed above offer cost-effective ways to promote your brand while providing practical and appealing items to your target audience. By leveraging the power of promotional products, you can enhance brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and maximize your marketing efforts. Start exploring the possibilities of custom promotional merchandise today and watch your brand thrive.


Where can I find promotional lanyards for sale?

You can find promotional lanyards for sale at Merch Monkey. You can place bulk orders for standard or custom lanyards for sale as well as business promotions.

How can I customize promotional merchandise with my brand logo?

We at Merch Monkey offer customization options to you. We allow you to add your brand logo, colors, and brand message to the promotional items for personalized & impactful marketing.

Are there any other affordable promotional products available?

Yes, numerous affordable promotional products are available at Merch Monkey. You can check out the best custom promotional merchandise under 2 Euro here.

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