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Lanyard Accessories

Lanyards have become an essential accessory for holding identification badges, access cards, and keys. To enhance the functionality of lanyards, there are different types of lanyard attachments available in the market. Lanyard attachments are small hardware pieces that can be attached to the end of a lanyard to make it more functional. Here are some common lanyard attachments and their benefits.

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Below find a list of our most popular custom printed lanyards and indicative prices. If you are unsure of which product best suits you – we strongly recommend sublimated which is the ideal option for most customers. 

Lanyard Accessories - Badge Reels

Badge reels are one of the most popular Lanyard Accessories. A badge reel is a small plastic or metal device that attaches to the end of a lanyard and retracts the identification badge. Badge reels come in different styles, shapes, and colors. Some badge reels come with a belt clip or a spring clip that can be attached to clothing or bags.

Badge reels offer several benefits. They allow the wearer to easily extend and retract the identification badge when needed, without the need to remove the lanyard. This feature makes badge reels ideal for people who need to scan their badges frequently. Additionally, badge reels prevent the identification badge from swinging or getting in the way, which can be distracting or inconvenient.

Lanyard Accessories - Pull reels
Lanyard Accessories Bulldog clip

Lanyard Accessories: Bulldog Clips

Bulldog clips are another popular Lanyard Accessories. A bulldog clip is a small metal clip that can be attached to the end of a lanyard. Bulldog clips have a strong grip and can securely hold identification badges, access cards, or keys. Some bulldog clips come with a swivel feature that allows the attached item to rotate freely.

Bulldog clips are an excellent choice for people who need to quickly attach and remove their identification badges. They are also ideal for holding items securely, preventing them from falling off the lanyard.

Swivel Hooks

Swivel hooks are a versatile lanyard attachment. A swivel hook is a small metal hook that can be attached to the end of a lanyard. Swivel hooks have a rotating feature that allows the attached item to rotate freely.

Swivel hooks are an excellent choice for people who need to frequently adjust their identification badges or access cards. They allow the attached item to rotate easily, preventing it from getting twisted or tangled. Additionally, swivel hooks can be used to attach a variety of items, including keys, water bottles, or small tools.

Lanyard Accessories: Split Rings

Split rings are a simple yet effective lanyard attachment. A split ring is a small circular ring that can be attached to the end of a lanyard. Split rings are commonly used for holding keys, but they can also be used to attach identification badges or access cards.

Split rings offer several benefits. They are inexpensive and easy to attach, making them a popular choice for people who need a quick and simple solution for holding items. Additionally, split rings are durable and can hold multiple items securely.

Safety Breakaway

A safety breakaway is a unique type of lanyard attachment. A safety breakaway is a small plastic device that is attached to the lanyard. It has a release mechanism that allows the lanyard to quickly and easily detach in case of emergency. Safety breakaways are commonly used in industries where safety is a concern, such as healthcare or manufacturing.

Safety breakaways offer several benefits. They can help prevent accidents and injuries by quickly releasing the lanyard if it gets caught on machinery or equipment. Additionally, safety breakaways are a requirement in some industries and can help organizations comply with safety regulations.

As standard our safety breakaways are supplied with a small QR code that links to our website when scanned. This is not visible when the lanyard is worn as it is the area that is behind the back of the neck. We do offer the opportunity for clients to print their own QR codes onto the lanyards but this comes at an extra cost and is only viable for orders over 200 units due to setup costs. If you would prefer to have our QR code removed then just let us know and we will ensure that is done. 

In conclusion, lanyard attachments are a simple yet effective way to enhance the functionality of lanyards. There are different types of lanyard attachments available in the market, each offering unique benefits. Badge reels, bulldog clips, split rings, swivel hooks, and safety breakaways are some common lanyard.

Lanyard Accessories - Safety break

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